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Terms and conditions



The following provisions govern the relationship between the and G-KEY. They form an integral part of the mandate. Any deviation from these provisions must be the subject of a be the subject of a written agreement between the parties. G-KEY undertakes to carry out the mandate entrusted to it according to the rules of the trade, with diligence and to the best of its professional conscience. G-KEY is bound by professional professional secrecy on all sensitive information communicated by the principal. G-KEY undertakes to respect the rules of good practice.



Copyright being inalienable, the graphic work on all media created by G-KEY media created by G-KEY belong to G-KEY and G-KEY has the right to dispose of them freely, in accordance the provisions of the Federal Law on Copyright and Related related rights. Consequently, the authorised representative is not authorised to modify the design or details of the products without the express authorisation of G-KEY. G-KEY has the right to have its authorship recognised by the affixing of its name or a distinctive sign on the media produced. The files will not be transmitted to third parties, unless requested or arrangement to the contrary, in order to avoid any inappropriate use usurpation of intellectual property. The products may be used by G-KEY for marketing purposes marketing purposes to promote itself on the Internet or other media.



The designs are the exclusive property of G-KEY and may not be may not be reproduced, modified or used in any other way in any other form without written consent.



The mandates are carried out in partnership with the agent. G-KEY undertakes to carry out work that is as close as possible as possible to the client's wishes. The agent's choices are respected insofar as the technical possibilities permits.



The material supplied to G-KEY by the authorised representative must be in the format requested. If G-KEY has to use files supplied by the agent, the working time will be will be invoiced. Damaged or incomplete material does not engage the responsibility of G-KEY. The material is stored at G-KEY at the risk of the client. Text sources will not be retouched by G-KEY. G-KEY declines all responsibility relating to content and its formatting. This disclaimer also applies to errors of syntax, spelling and vocabulary. vocabulary.



G-KEY declines all responsibility concerning the copyright documents supplied by the authorised representative. The authorised representative declares that he/she holds the rights to use and reproduce reproduction of all types of documents supplied (texts, photos, illustrations, data, etc.)



As part of the mandate, G-KEY may order services from third parties, in the name and on behalf of the principal, for services necessary for the realisation of the project or any other document or material.


In each mandate, G-KEY provides for corrections to be made so that the work meets the needs of the client. These are made according to the main axis chosen by the client and agreed between the parties. In the event of a change of order subsequent to the agreement concerning the choice of the main axis and affecting this, a new estimate will be drawn up and G-KEY reserves the right to invoice the work already carried out as well as the expenses incurred (material, sub-contracting, etc.).



G-KEY disclaims all liability in the event of malfunction of the applications supplied if the authorised representative makes any modifications. G-KEY cannot be held responsible in the event of hacking of the website. G-KEY will correct malfunctions on its own responsibility within a period of period of sixty days following delivery. G-KEY ensures optimal responsiveness during the first two months.



If the authorised representative refuses to take delivery, G-KEY will invoice all the work carried out and the expenses incurred. It archives and stores the work carried out at the expense and risk of the agent.



G-KEY accepts no responsibility for loss of data. A must be kept by the authorised representative.



A preliminary estimate is submitted to the agent. The resulting from modifications (changes in orders, price orders, price variations due to the purchase of images for example, price for example, price variations due to the appearance of an additional will be notified to the authorised representative in good time. G-KEY provides proof of all modifications.



The fees are due to G-KEY for each of the workstations. work. In the event of reduction or cancellation of the order, G-KEY is entitled to the fees for the work already already carried out as well as the expenses incurred. G-KEY is entitled to compensation for any other loss resulting from the cancellation of the order, as well as to use its work for other purposes. its work for other purposes.


Terms of payment

G-KEY issues its invoice at the end of the mandate. The payment 10 days without deduction. For quotations exceeding CHF 3,000 or lasting more than thirty days days, a 50% deposit is required on signature of the contract. the contract. G-KEY reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect if the agent does not comply with the these conditions.


Legal terms and conditions

Swiss law is applicable to the relationship between the authorised representative and G-KEY. In the absence of specific provisions contained in these conditions, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO), art. 394 ff on the simple power of apply.



Any transaction with G-KEY implies recognition by the authorised representative of these conditions, which are at the time the contract is concluded.

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